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In the press conference that had been celebrated this morning in the business incubator “Nave Cu4tro”, Mr. Antonio Masa had provided information about the projects and programs that the Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz is currently working on to promote the entrepreneurship in the region.

In these programs, there is one which points out over the rest. ” “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”, is a program where the Chamber of Badajoz participates through YEIM (Young Entrepreneurs In Motion).

The target is to offer the opportunity to 345 young European entrepreneurs to work during a period of time (maximum 6 months) with experienced businessman in other states members of Europe with the support of this program.

The young people who participate in this initiative would have the opportunity to acquire management and business creation knowledge which can be really useful to develop their own ideas in the future.Also, there is a benefit for the host entrepreneurs that can take the opportunity to provide new ideas for their companies and develop business relations with other European countries.

To participate in the program there are some minimum requirements based on the character of the young entrepreneurs, their skills and experience, some knowledge of other languages to make the most of this experience, the presentation of CV in English and an elaborated business plan.

This European Initiative offers their support through a multidisciplinary team formed by 10 entities: UNINOVA and Chamber of Commerce of Spain, University of Munster in Germany, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, Project Ahead SC and Logos SCRL in Italy, the ICT Cluster in Bulgaria, Bohemia EU Planners SRO in Czech Republic, INFORMO in Croatia and Vamos Scotland LTD in Scotland. The YEIM network offers access to a European data base which provides to the entrepreneurs the way to find the perfect businessman for them in other European country; also it offers information and support before and during the internship and even financial support – between 600 to 1000 euros depending on the destination country.

The Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs is co-financed by the European Commission, operating in 37 different countries with the support of local contact points.


Near two hundred people assisted to the appointment in the fair.


Fair of Employment and Entrepreneurship


In the Fair there are different options for the people who assist to “Nave Cu4tro”, where is located. From talks, to debates, job exchanges for companies or other resources like coaching and job orientation, etc. Aiming to young people and provided by Chambers technicians and experts in the matter.

PICE is a program for integral qualification and employment, develop by the chamber of –commerce of Badajoz and co-financed by European Social Fund, which offers an excellent opportunity for young people from Extremadura to find a job. Taking into account that unemployment is one of the main issues nowadays, mainly for young people.

All the information gathered by the Chamber of commerce of Badajoz about this program is pointing that near 3000 of young people had participated in some way in PICE since 2015.

Apart from the formation and the financial support received by the companies for employing young people, there is also a Mobility Plan that offers the possibility to increase the professional opportunities in the states members of the European Union through internships and stays in those countries for a brief period of time.

The chamber of Badajoz has other programs that increases the entrepreneurship, some are already in function and others are ready to begin: Programa de ApoyoEmpresarial a las Mujeres (PAEM) (Supporting Program for Business Woman), FormaciónProfesional Dual (Professional Formation Dual), EspañaEmprende y FomentodelEspírituEmprendedor. All those co-financed by European Social Fund.

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