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10.000 Exchange with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Being eager to learn is one of the most important feature young entrepreneurs must have, but also, they need professional support, in order to receive precious lessons.

The dichotomy between being open to new opportunities and the willingness to share is fundamental, and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme is a great opportunity to put them into practice.

Over the past few weeks, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme has reached a thrilling goal: 10.000 entrepreneurial exchanges in 10 years!

Our consortium, YEIM – Young Entrepreneurs in Motion, has contributed to this success and has implemented 616 exchanges in Europe!

YEIM – Young Entrepreneur in Motion, financed by DG Enterprise EASME, gathers 9 partners from different European countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria), active in skills development and entrepreneurial capacity support, through international experiences.

Every partner provides services such as professional support, active research of new entrepreneurs or hosting entrepreneurs, application process support and coordination of the exchange.

What is Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs programme?

The EYE programme allows to new or wannabe entrepreneurs and freelance to experience from one to six months abroad together with a seasoned entrepreneur. In this way, they can learn the secrets behind business management and study the problems of this field. They also can contribute to the growth of the hosting enterprise.

Who can participate, and which are the advantages?

Whoever has lived in one of the participant Countries for at least 6 months during the last year!

A New Entrepreneur and a Hosting Entrepreneur are needed to achieve the exchange.

If you have from 0 to 3 years entrepreneurial experience, you can participate as NE and choose an abroad exchange; if you have experienced more than 3 years in your enterprise, you can apply as HE and host a NE from a different country.

Participate to EYE is free. NE and HE can choose each other through preliminary video interviews, to guarantee the exchange between akin and compatible people, considering their goals and personalities.

Applying as NE, you can acquire essential experience in business managing, deepen your market, consumers, and product knowledge, learn to manage your collaborators and promotions strategies. You can see first-hand the financial management of a real enterprise. Your stay will be subsided by EU.

Applying as a HE, you will benefit of the attendance of a skilled and ambitious person, that you will select personally between the potential candidates. You can lean on their expertise to improve your promotional campaigns, boost your digital presence to plan and develop an investments’ strategy and launch new products or open new markets.

You can choose in:

One of the 27 EU States;

UK, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Island;

Canada, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and USA [Max 3 months].

How can you participate to the programme?

HE registration takes less than 10 minutes: click here,  insert your personal data, and select Contact Point in the last screen. The registration is made from the entrepreneur as person (not as enterprise); the EYE exchanges keep people in touch and an entrepreneur could own more than one enterprise.

NE must draft a short Business Plan as an exercise, before signing up. You don’t have to own an enterprise in order to participate as NE, nor put into action a business plan, when you’ll back: the EYE experience is merely educational, and you’ll decide which way you’ll choose next.

If you want to take part or you just have some questions, write YEIM- Young Entrepreneur in Motion and we’ll be happy to help you!

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