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The 24th of February, the YEIM consortium assisted to the first formative meeting about the “Young Entrepreneurs in Motion”project, which the corporation develop as an intermediary organization for the program ERASMUS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS in Extremadura.

During the meeting, the main topics that were covered went from How to register?toHow to follow the learning process of the new entrepreneur? As well as some other questions related to the program platform functioning.

The program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs helps the European businessman aspirants to acquire the needed skills to create and/or manage in a proper way medium or small companies. The new entrepreneurs acquire and share knowledge and ideas with experienced businessman with who they work from 1 to 6 months. The stay is partially paid by the European Commission.

This European Initiative offers their support through a multidisciplinary team formed by 10 entities: UNINOVA and Chamber of Commerce of Spain, University of Munster in Germany, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, Project Ahead SC and Logos SCRL in Italy, the ICT Cluster in Bulgaria, Bohemia EU Planners SRO in Czech Republic, INFORMO in Croatia and Vamos Scotland LTD in Scotland. The YEIM network offers access to a European data base which provides to the entrepreneurs the way to find the perfect businessman for them in other European country; also it offers information and support before and during the internship and even financial support – between 600 to 1000€ depending on the destination country.

The Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs is co-financed by the European Commission, operating in 37 different countries with the support of local contact points.

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